фебруар 13, 2016

Valentine`s Day & How to like that

Happy Valentine.Ah so corny,for some people.And one of those people is me.I always hated Valentine`s day because i don`t know.I just did not liked that day.I still don`t.So,if you are one of the persons that love Valentine`s day,don`t read this.Kidding.I think that this kind of let`s sy holidays are not real.I mean what if someone lose their love ones or what if they breakup that day.What if..In every single sentence there is that famous What if,Why,and all of those w words that are ruining something maybe funny.Behind everything,every sigle thing in our lives there are some questions.Maybe the questions that we are not ready to answer to.Even if you are spending tomorrow`s day alone,it`s okay.You need to know that you will survive.Don`t be ashemed of beeing alone.I`m alone to.An that is why i call this day Alone day or Day to be alone.But you are not alone.
And now we come to the part where i should tell you how to love Valentine`s Day.But you actually don`t have to like this day.No one will tell you that you NEED to love this day.But just remember if you don`t have a boyfried or girlfriend that does not mean that you are alone.Valentine`s Day is not just for the couples.That day is also the day for the people that you love and like.That day is made so that you can tell your parents,friends,and all of those persons in your life how much you love them.That day is made fot you.Remember.It is made so that you can tell someone how much you love them.How much they mean to you.What you feel forr them,What do you like about them.That is also a day where you can  stop hating,stop fighting and stop being mad at your best friend,for example.That day is given to you so that you can fix something broken.On that day,many many things can happen to you.You can fall in love,meet new people..Do sometthing new.And that`s okay.And then you will accept that day  is made fot you,your people,your emotions and your heart.Yeah,i know it is corny but believe me,You`ll see that tomorrow.So think that day is like any other day and you will make it and you will survive.Breahte and  smile.Hug someone.Even if you are dark and even if you are listening some dark music.So,that day is made for you to smile.Enjoy because that is the only day in year where you can smile and dance on the street like anyone else.Just be happy.

Love you
Your anddstresas

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