август 23, 2017

Cowboy girl ??

Hey beautiful people.I wanted to show you this shoes for soooo long.This jeans and bag too,but the shoes  definitely made my month.They are the most beautiful and comfortable thing in the world.About the bag..I have to admit that she is not my ''love''.I wanted a different one but at the end I bought her.She is okay too,I guess.Pants.OMG..They are definitely something that I would never even think of buying but there is something about them.And the glasses.I wanted them for soo super long.The moment I saw them I knew I need them.I love big glasses and they go perfect with everything.Okay..This ''intro'' was tooo long.Enjoy XOXO

Chloe sunglasses
ZARA pants,shoes & shirt
Bershka bag

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