март 04, 2016

Crop top girl on station

Whta's up.This post was taken when i was let's say okay.Cause now i'm sick.I have many plans for today and if you wanna know how will y March look like go to YouTube and follow me.And this was also taken the day when me and my friends almost got arrested.Hahhhah.Kidding.But they wanted to call the security because we were sitting on the floor.Stupid story but very interesting and if you wanna know more about that also subscribe to y channel

love you all

март 02, 2016

Curls and flat shoes

Hi beautiful.What's up.This outfit post was taken on a very cold and windy day.But then i went home to change.I love white pants when weather is sunny and bright.But  i like them with high heels.It just looks better.But sence i am not old enough for heels i took this black babies.I like to were for example if i am wearing black jacket i need to wer black shoes or jeans.I can't have just one color and then nothing.So that;s what happend here.BTW these curls were on my head for 7 days!!!!

Love you
Your anddstresas

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