септембар 27, 2015

How to make beautiful,little messy but perfect bun

Making bun is not hard at all.This is how I usually make my bun when i'm reallyyyy late.You can make her at a lot of different ways.Like snail,or something else.How do you make yours.Let me know!(my face on this video looks like a horror movie but don't worry)Leave a comment below.I really want to know how you make yours.Maybe we will learn something from each other

Napraviti pundju uposte nije tesko.Ovako Ja obicno pravim moju kada stvarnoooo kasnim.Mozete je napraviti kao puza ili na neki svoj nacin.Ja to stalno eksperimentisem.Kako vi pravite.Ostavite u komentaru ispod.Mozda naucimo nesto jedno od drugih.

Your anddstresas 
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