октобар 21, 2016

Goodbye summer,welcome autumn

Soo,i am pretty late with this post cause it was still warm outside.I don't know for you but in my country it is really cold and it is raining right now.But,the last post from let's say,when it was warm.This pic next to this car is my favorite.I love this jacket and this ''hat'' is also on my list.It is dope and you can wear it whit whatever you want

I dragi moji,poslednji post iz leta da tako kazemo.Uveliko kasnim sa ovim postom jer kao sto verovatno mozete da primetite ima sunca na ovim slikama dok trenutno pada kisa.Ova jakna se brzo popela u moje manje vise favorite a i ovaj kacket koji mi je extra i ide uz sve

ZARA Pants
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