август 04, 2015

July Favorites 2015

Hi,so now I'm going to tell you something about my favorite July products. I'm happy with them or not,do I recommend them or not,how you should use them,are they good or they're just wasted money...Let's start 💥

1.My frist favorite July product is mascara and powder.I have a lot mascaras but this is my number one;Maxfactor clump defy.She's my favorite.She gives you that natural look you want to have when you put makeup💁🏼.One of my favorite powders is Bourjois éclat minéral.I have a little "pinky"face so this is my best solution and my best powder(for now)
2.You won't believe but it's coconut😅.I know,right!I use it for hear,for health(but mostly hear).It's great,when you're on beach.It protects your hair from sun.You need to put a lot of oil on your hair,but it's worth it.Coconut water is good for health and it's especially good for sport types of people.That's my (forever)favorite product
3.Short nails:
I never really liked to have a long nails.I just can't handle that.I can't do anything and (FOR ME)that looks dirty.I just don't like it but that doesn't mean you don't need to have them
3.Dental floss:
I'm so obsessed with this thing.I use it after every meal(literally),every day....But that's good.Thanks to dental floss my teeth are very white and clean and healthy.You should use it to
Well,that's it for today...I hope you like it.IF YOU DID,like it

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