октобар 18, 2015

All grey-black

Hi guys.I wanted to do this post on Saturday but I did it today.Thees days I am in grey n black mood.Maybe because weather is like that.I've seen so beautiful clothes today and the day before that and the day before that.Now I am just looking some black purse.You know,little one.That I can carry everywhere,and to add some accessories on it.I wanted to buy some bag that looks like Chanel boy bag(I still do)but I can't wait anymore.Long story.Anyway,this month is crazy.There are so beautiful and fashion clothes and stuffs.I want to buy every single piece.Wheather looks like...well weather.We are in the fall almost one month.Mornings are like they should look.Beautiful and little sunny.But not to much.So you can wear coats,jackets and hats.
About coats.I really want to buy one.But not ordinary one.I want to buy  coat without the sleeves.You know what I mean?Those beautiful and fashionable grey,black or purple sleeve-out coats.
I also want to buy one beautiful blue M hat.I saw one yesterday.It is gorgeous.So,so well like the fall.I know silly right?
I also want to buy one green parka.What do you think about that.
Two hours ago I have seen the cutest  little black bag.It looks like circle.But she has that gold strach.
I also ordered UGG Bailey...boots.I love those boots.I don't care if they're out.I love them.You can wear them everywhere and with everything.
I have so much fashion things to talk to you guys,but you are gonna need to wait until Tuesday.Because then are TT Stuffs.
Enjoy the fashion and tomorrow's Monday.Make that Monday the best day of your life.

Your anddstresas 
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