септембар 27, 2015

Coats,bags and how to get ready

Hallo beautiful people.Today we're gonna talk about how to dress on this crazy and half cold half warm days.
On this kind of days you should put some cream on your face and hands.You should also use some lipstick on your lips because of the wind.And you don't want your lips to look like orange peel.Right??
For body care you can use some cream with the smell of apple and cinnamon,chestnut or anything that is remaining you on the fall.
For hands care you can also use some chestnut soft cream or anything you like and love.
For lips you should use some Labello.Do not use those shinny lipsticks because on those windy days if you use lipsticks your lips are gonna look like an orange peel even more.Believe me,I know...
For your legs you can also use the cream that you are using for your body.But if you want you can use the other cream.
You legs are let's say.."protected" on your shoes or pants so you don't need to take care of them so much.
But hands and lips,YOU SHOULD
Your hair..well you can't leave her to be wet anymore.Everytime you wash your hair dry her.Because your neck is going to hurt you and you are going to have a headache.You are gonna feel dizzy.You can use some  masks to protect your hair  or something else.That's on you 
The fall is definitely the most epic,the most coolest and the most romantic time of the year.On those days you are preparing your self for cold days,sweaters and the weather.I love rain,wind and those kind of days.Prepair your big books that you were keeping till fall,your comfy sweater and enjoy the fall.
What about you?
Do you love those kind of days?(i mean how does love to wash hair but...still do you?)
What is your favorite wardrobe on the fall and winter?
Let me know!

Your anddstresas 
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