септембар 12, 2015

Me and my clumsiness (Part1,ruining my house)

Good morning my beautiful people.I post a video yesterday on YouTube,actually 2 video.I decided to make one day in three or two months were we're gonna talk about something else.
What do you think?If you like this idea leave  a comment😉.

If you want a recipe,go to YouTube.I wanted really bad to buy this plastic glass.You can put water in it or smoothie.Everything you want.
I just remember.Today I'm gonna talk abou me and my clumsiness.
1.Before maybe a 6 month ago or a year i wanted to take a nail polish to my living room.(P.S.in my living room is always white carpet).It was purple nail polish.I put my hand on my knee and 💥,the purple polish was all over the white carpet.My mom was sleeping so thank God she didn't see that.I took everything possible just to take that polish nail desaster off my carpet.I took alcohol and hydrogen even a white marker,of course I didn't work.I actually needed to buy a new carpet(which of course I didn't).
2.I also rememberd when I stuffed fountain😂😂.
I also had my nail poslish(just this time it was pink)(P.S.i usually don't use those colors(NEVER)).
Anyway,I was in.....bathroom doing my nails.Then the next moment 💥 my nail brush stuffed the fountain.I tried to get her out with Chinese sticks.What kind of moron would do that(of course,ME)?Then the Chinese sticks also stuffed the fountain.What can I say.!
If some stupid (funny)stuffs were or are happening to you share that with me.I really want to know.😉

Dobro jutro my beautiful people.Juče sam postavila video na YouTube tj.dva videa.Odlučila sam da napravim jedan dan u dva tri meseca kada ćemo pričati o nekim drugim stvarima.Šta mislite?Ako vam se dopada idea,ostavite komenar.
Ako želite recept za odličan,ukusan doručak kome je ne moguće odoleti idite na YouTube.(Izvinite što neću moći ds postavim ostali tekst na srpskom,nešto koči.Uglavnom tu pričam o nezgodi Sa ljubičastim lakom i belim tepihom i o lavabou i četkici od laka i kineskim štapićima(P.S.zapušila sam lavabo i unistila tepih)
Ukoliko se i vama desavaju neke ovakve glupe,smesne stvari podelite ih sa mnom.😘.

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